Mario Zapata

Owner of Moving Shadow Ink.  I'm 41. From Milwaukee. I attended and dropped out of the University of Cincinnati 94' (via Job Corps) so I could pursue tattooing. I couldn't find an apprenticeship a the time so I just "scratched". I didn't take scratching serious, just as a hobby. I quickly realized I was a lot better than a lot of tattoo artists working in shops, specifically in realistic tattooing. I got my first job as a tattoo artist in 98 at a shitty shop in GB. That didn't last long. After that I decided to paint. I landed a couple of contracts at art galleries and became successful. In 2007 I decided I wanted to get back into tattooing after seeing the industry take off. I got a job at Ink Addictions for 2 months. Quit there and opened my own shop in May of 2009

Moving Shadow Ink

Address: 4328 W. Forest Homes Ave Milwaukee, WI 53219

Phone number:(414) 321-0122